T.G. Newton Asset Management

T.G. Newton Asset Management offer a unique solution to property management.

At T.G. Newton, your property / asset manager is a director of our company. This is a big point of difference within the industry and is designed to ensure that you receive the best property management service.

Collecting rent is a small part of the property management service we provide.

Our services include:

  • Maximising your asset's return / yields
  • Exploring the development potential of your property
  • Protecting you from potential loss
  • Planning for the growth of your portfolio
  • Providing regular valuations of your assets
  • Sourcing new properties
  • Sourcing the most suitable tenant
  • Working with alliance partners to help you achieve your goals 

For more information, please call Jim Grigoriou or Kathy Richer on (03) 9568 8000 or click here to access T.G. Newton Real Estate's website 

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